We encourage people from all different levels of experiences, expertise, and skills to speak at our user group!

Speaking in front of a large group can be hard, or maybe your worst nightmare. It's much easier to speak in front of like-minded individuals in a safe setting! Whether you're a brand new speaker or have been speaking at user groups for years, you're welcome to come speak at Bos365.

What should you speak about?

As our user group name suggests, we like to focus on Office 365 topics, from Teams to SharePoint, Exchange to Flow, and everything else! We also like topics about SharePoint on-premises and hybrid topics. We sometimes have topics about Azure, especially in relation to Office 365. As you can see, the ideas for topics is vast.

You should speak about what you're passionate about, what you've recently learned, a use case or project story, a unique circumstance that caused you to cry a little, anything! Whatever YOU want to talk about, that's what you should talk about.

We also have a backlog of ideas we're always looking for people to share about. Email us, info@bostono365usergroup.com, and we can share some of these ideas with you. Who knows, maybe one will resonate with you!

What if I'm not in Boston?

That's okay! We can have you present remotely via Teams. We also live stream all of our sessions, so you can invite anyone not in the Boston area to join you remotely!

How are our events run?

We kick off at 6pm and end at 8pm, with the following activities:

  • Eat some food, do a little networking
  • Bos365 organizers share Office 365 updates since our last meeting
  • Our sponsor shares for 10-15 minutes
  • You, our amazing speaker, shares for about 60 minutes
  • We sing your praises
  • Bos365 continues with community announcements and a raffle
  • The raffles are awarded to those who can answer questions about your presentation
  • We go to a local bar and you'll get a free drink on us!

Where do I sign up?

Email us, info@bostono365usergroup.com, with your session title and description, and we'll coordinate the date and other information we need to set up your session.


Our Speakers