Staples Case Study: Continued Growth, Maturation, and Evolution

Staples took the appropriate steps forward into the realm of Microsoft Online. They took to heart what was recommended and followed sage advice from a consulting firm who was able to guide them into a strong start in M365. Follow the journey of what Staples did as a company to approach the utilization of M365 to its fullest potential. There were good and bad things to deal with just like you would expect. Remember, there is never an actual destination, but a continual journey as the M365 suite of products continues to advance and evolve.

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David J Pileggi Jr.

David Pileggi

David J Pileggi Jr. has been working with SharePoint since 2005 and Microsoft Online since the Beta of BPOS in 2010. Consulting with numerous companies from small to Fortune 500 in size, he has a diverse range of knowledge and understanding as a huge benefit. Speaking in the SharePoint/M365 community since 2009, his willingness to share his passion with others is apparent.