A Practical, non-Technical Approach to Teamwork in Office 365

While the technical underpinnings of Office 365 are fascinating to the typical IT user, organizations won’t adopt it if they don’t have a practical approach to the product that doesn’t come off as a sales pitch. The purpose of this presentation is to show and discuss how you too can break down barriers and manage resistance to change among business users of Office 365 workstreams, making it clearly evident to those business users that the tools can truly be used to solve their business collaboration problems.

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Michael McNett

Michael McNett

Mike McNett, Centric’s Enterprise Collaboration Teamwork lead, focuses on helping organizations become more productive and gaining a competitive edge through improving their teamwork and collaboration capabilities.  Mike has nearly 30 years of experience serving as an Officer in the United States Army as a communications and Information Technology officer, to include being an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the United States Military Academy at West Point.  Since 2012, Mike has been a senior IT consultant in the Columbus area, advising clients on how they can improve their collaboration and communication capabilities by ensuring their projects are well-governed and aligned to their business goals and objectives