Metadata is not dead

How to use content types and term stores in a modern workplace.

“The report of my death has been grossly exaggerated,” Mark Twain told a newspaper in 1897. Today, that same quote can also be applied to metadata.  Modern sites, new search engine, and AI/ML based auto-tagging are among the things that have led some to believe that metadata is a thing of the past.  Speculation surrounding metadata’s imminent demise is largely due to two separate influences: First search got much better at deriving its own metadata; and second was that many of the modern web parts did not support metadata when they were first launched.

However, metadata remains a key tool for speeding up the search process and delivering more targeted results.  Recently Microsoft has updated its user interface to both the content type hub and the term store.  In this session we will discuss how content types can be made to overlap with templates in various new modern workspaces and the significance of the term store and content types in this new environment.

Join us to learn not only what has happened to much-maligned metadata, but how it is still critical to many successful web projects.

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Mike Dixon

Mike Dixon

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With more than 20 years of IT experience, Mike Dixon is one of the Boston area’s leading experts in Microsoft Office 365. Dixon is passionate about creating positive user experiences that lead to higher adoption rates, increasing both productivity and ROI. He believes the way to achieve these goals is through user involvement at all stages of any new technology project and in-depth training for everyone.

He is one of the founders and chief organizers of the Boston Office 365 User Group, a community focused on sharing knowledge around Office 365’s ever-growing, always-changing suite of technologies.

Dixon’s company, Wellington Street Consulting, provides organizations, from startups to Fortune 500 companies and government agencies, with both cloud-based and on-premises IT solutions that improve productivity and user experience while reducing cost. Wellington has earned the Microsoft Silver competency level in Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions.


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