You and your Copilot: What's the missing component?

You are the pilot of your work, Copilot is your AI assistant, but who is playing the role of Air Traffic Control for safe and efficient results?

In this session we will talk about strategies that will make using Copilot for M365 useful, valuable, and safe for your organization.

AI Generated Airplane Cockpit
Microsoft MTC
5 Wayside Rd
Burlington, MA
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Ruven Gotz

Ruven Gotz is the Chief Strategy Officer at Synozur, a strategy consulting company with expertise on Microsoft technologies and AI. Ruven's career in technology includes nine years as a Microsoft MVP, consulting on workplace technology for some of the world's biggest organizations, being a speaker at over 100 international conferences, and authoring a book on SharePoint Information Architecture.


You can join us in person or online!